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Corporate & Manufacturing

Bending, twisting and lifting might describe a day in the life of a professional athlete, but the people who work in manufacturing facilities do all these things just as intensely. They work with small parts and lift heavy equipment. It’s time that they receive the same level of advanced care as professional athletes in order to prevent pain and injury.

  •  Making these services available in the workplace is designed to improve the physical and mental resilience of employees.
  • Our goal is for employees to be able to fully engage in life without pain and/or injury while staying in the game for themselves, their families and their careers.
  •  On-site healthcare services minimize employees’ time away from work.
  •  Our team spends a great deal of time in the factory learning requirements of each job, which helps them understand why injuries occur and how to help prevent them.

Our proven methods can help your employees improve:

  • Flexibility in joints and muscles.
  • Increased energy levels and mental stability.
  • Provide a positive outlook and confidence.
  • Create greater resistance to injury and disease.
  • Enhance ability to handle stress on and off the job.

Those who participate in our programs are also given the tools to recover more quickly if an injury occurs.

Personal accountability is a key to the success of our program. Continuous improvement—learning about preventative maintenance and how to be healthy—is the wave of the future.

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